Why Responsive Design Is A 2015 MUST! & What Thinking Mobile First MEANS via Ez & Scenttrail

Scenttrail Note Responsive Design
I wanted a post to explain Responsive Design’s SEO implications in easy clear language and this ex.no post does that beautifully. I wanted an easy explanation of WHY RESPONSIVE so I could blow your mind a little.

Responsive impacts SEO because Google wants to be relevant to mobile search. The Ez.no post explains that dimension well, but there’s another dimension rarely considered – Responsive Design’s impact on data architecture.

Data architecture seems a lost science. Having spent most of the December tunneling into a friend’s website (http://www.Moon-Audio.com) I can tell you there is NOTHING more important than how you classify information on your site.

The tug-of-war between search spiders and people has a new dimension now – mobile people. Mobile people need FLAT design, fewer options and smaller more visual presentation. Bless WordPress for making it so easy to Accordion a site’s design, but if you don’t think about HOW your information will be displayed on smartphone you are nuts.

Mobile people need different kinds of presentation and design than even laptopers. Mobile people need flatter, louder and more engaging User Interfaces.They need simple connection (to friends and social nets) and swiipe-y “waterfall” content.

You can’t create “waterfall content” because your blog has rsponsive design built in. You get a site that doesn’t sit well in its mobile coat. Better to STOP and RESTART with MOBILE FIRST as your content marketing guide and that means:

1. Visuals tease snippets.

2. Snippets tease deeper exploration (outside to social nets or inside to Snippet Plus content).

We don’t READ on mobile devices we scan, swipe and send. Look at your GPlus or Facebook timelines. What gets all the engagement?

1. Pictures.
2. Questions
3. Videos

Some content such as contests and games combine those elements with deadlines, prizes and competition (always good for mobile). Are you thinking MOBILE FIRST? Share HOW and we will write a http://www.curagami.com post about how to THINK Mobile First.

Thanks & Happy New Year. Marty

Source: ez.no

See on Scoop.it2.0 para principiantes



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